Vili Lyytikäinen founder of Bottle Cap Import

Driven to bring the highest quality product to craft beer lovers while being part of building culture around beer.

I was living in Berlin when the craft beer boom took off in force. Having always been a beer enthusiast I started traveling to taprooms and beer festivals all over Europe. Motivated to seek out different and exciting breweries. I experienced that beer can be an integral part of influencing local culture, creating memorable experiences and bringing people together. Therefore I wanted to start my own business and import the quality craft beer I love to Finland. I look forward to offering craft beer goers the best beer there is to offer.




Working with breweries that are passionate with what they do and how they do it. They follow the highest standards in their craft in order to produce the best quality and flavour. This craftsmanship is the core of the beer that we import and inspiration for the work we do.


Best beer needs to be handled with care in order for it to be at it’s finest when poured to the glasses of the many beer lovers. It’s important that the beer we import is as fresh as it can be and transported in a away that it preserves its quality. So that your customers receive only the best.


People coming together to share and connect over beer is what it’s all about. There is something special about the craft beer community and we want to be part of that community and help build it. We are one of many; all of us are connected. Honoured to be part of this community. Cheers!


The curiosity to try new things, find new combinations and being open to ideas is a driving factor in what we do and value. Keeping an open mind to possibilities, flavours and opportunities is the way forward.